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With the end of the year come many opportunities for renewal, and your company’s marketing plan is no different. Most businesses have built-in procedures geared towards evaluating what works (and what doesn’t) at the end of the year. With the increasingly fast-paced and competitive nature of our world, it is crucial that your marketing plan be reviewed in detail as the year comes to an end. Systematically reevaluating your company’s marketing strategy will usher you into a year full of new opportunities for success. Read on for tips to keep in mind as the year comes to a close and new marketing opportunities open up to your company.

Learn from the Past

You have a year’s worth of initiatives in the palm of your hand. Pinpoint the most successful marketing efforts put forth by your company in 2018, as well as the most unsuccessful. Determine any common threads between these to find which approaches tend to work – and which don’t. More often than not, certain kinds of initiatives will appeal to your target audience more than others. By determining what these tend to be, you’ll head into 2019 with an idea of what is likely to bring your company favorable results right off the bat.

Trust Your Data

Data is one of the most powerful tools in a modern marketer’s arsenal. Countless channels exist to measure the demographics and characteristics of your client base, as well as the ways, times, and mediums that are most successful in your attempts to engage them. If your company does not use a marketing agency or data measuring software, then this new year is certainly the time to consider investing in one. Use any metrics available to you, however rudimentary or sophisticated, to analyze your year and make decisions for the future accordingly.

Determine Your Audience

One of the most important insights offered to you by data is the ability to get to know the members of your company’s audience. Take the end of the 2018 as an opportunity to evaluate trends in your audience throughout the year. Pinpoint the average age, income level, and geographic areas of your audience. This will help you not only to determine what kinds of messaging to create in initiatives throughout the new year, but also to decide which channels will most effectively disseminate your messaging.

Have a Conversation

Marketing is no longer a unilateral sales-pitch delivered through catchy tunes or loud voices. Rather, your company’s efforts to reach its target audience should feel like an organic conversation more than anything else. In 2019, brainstorm strategies, content, and delivery that will position your company as an industry thought leader with valuable resources and services to offer its clients. Doing so is the first step to incentivizing your audience members to become clients. Learn more about this inbound strategy.

The turn of the year is a time for renewal in more ways than one, particularly when it comes to revamping your company’s marketing initiatives. Review your company’s performance with the future in mind, remembering that the best marketing initiatives are the ones that feel like organic conversations with your clients. By being mindful of the tips outlined above, you’ll have set your company up to enter 2019 with its best foot forward.

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