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Keyword Match Types

Keyword Match Types are of importance to every internet marketer making use of Google Adwords. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages is crucial to getting the most from this marketing option, however. Following are some of the types an individual can use and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Broad Match

When it comes to Keyword Match Types, most individuals are familiar with this type. Broad Match is the default category for all keywords and reaches the biggest audience. If an internet user enters any word in the key phrase, regardless of the order they use, the company’s ad may appear in their search results. However, users may also see the ad when it truly isn’t relevant to their search, thus this can increase the cost to the company providing the ad.

Phrase Match

A Phrase Match is one in which an ad will only be displayed if the user enters the phrase in the exact order specified. They may add other words before or after the phrase, but the phrase must be present. This allows for additional flexibility, but many users can also be excluded as they aren’t using the phrase in the correct order.

Exact Match

Exact Match is the most restrictive of the keyword match types. A user only sees the ad when they input the exact phrase with no other words. The major benefit of this is the person searching for the term is more likely to convert as they know what they wish to buy. However, many people who may be interested in the item won’t see it due to the restrictions placed on this keyword type.

Modified Broad Match

Modified Broad Match keywords are similar to broad match keywords, yet they come with one major change. When using this category, a company reaches a wide audience simply by adding the + parameter to the search. This tells Google that any search query showing this ad must have the specified term in it. This does help to keep costs down, but may also leave certain users out simply because they aren’t entering the exact term.

Understanding Keyword Match Types is crucial. Marketers may wish to try more than one match type to determine which best meets their needs. Nevertheless, this could change from campaign to campaign, thus a company should never become too dependent on one type. Doing so could leave a large number of users excluded.

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