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Once you’ve decided you need to upgrade your marketing technology, you have to get organizational buy-in. Even if you’re the CEO of the company, if the rest of your staff is not on board and on-message, it will be impossible for even the best software to lead you to success.

Why? Because there isn’t really a divide between sales and marketing, or between marketing and customer service. Everything–from the first visit a customer makes to your website, to their troubleshooting call after they have an issue with their product, to their referral of a friend after you help them–is part of their customer experience.

The right marketing technology will fit with this integrated, cohesive approach. Every department and team will have to learn the new software (and understand how it works within your mission and message), in order for it to work efficiently. So, how do you go about getting the organizational buy-in you’ll need to succeed?

We have some ideas:

1. Discuss both strategic and tactical approaches.

Show how the marketing technology will benefit both your overall strategy, and the day-to-day processes each team must implement to accomplish your goals. When your teams see that the goal will be more attainable because their daily tasks will be much more streamlined and interconnected with other teams, organizational buy-in will be more likely.

2. Appeal to emotions.

Of course facts are good, but a new marketing technology needs passion and energy behind it to make it work. Don’t just tell your teams they’ll be saving money, or helping the company. Help them imagine what it will be like for all of their processes and tasks to be automated. Help them envision a whole new level of teamwork and efficiency. Getting to the “heart of the matter” is one of the best ways to get organizational buy-in.

3. Be realistic about risks, but balance them with opportunities.

Every new venture your team undertakes will require a certain amount of risk-tolerance. And there’s no need to ignore or deny risks–transparency is a mark of good leadership. It may help you get stronger organizational-buy in if you weighed the risks and the rewards as a team (and strategized about how to minimize and counter those risks).

4. Make your new marketing technology part of your shared vision.

One of the great things about an integrated, automated marketing technology is that your team is able to truly work together–as a whole. Once your team has a real grasp on this–that they’re not competing against each other, they’re helping each other give the customer an unforgettable experience–it will be far easier to get organizational buy-in.

The right marketing technology—and the right approach to it–will value every customer and every team member. It will work for the good of the entire team (and the entire customer experience), rather than one segment of the process, or one subgroup of the staff. Since everyone benefits, and no one is spending their time doing the mundane tasks that the system is now automated, it’s completely possible to get enthusiastic support from your whole organization for your new marketing software.

How’s it going getting organizational buy-in for the marketing technology you need? How can we help? Tell us more in the comments!