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Google Ad Grants

The Google Ad Grants program is available for nonprofit entities. Google Ad Grants is a nonprofit extension of AdWords, and it provides charities and nonprofits with up to $10,000 in monthly AdWords credit. This allows these organizations to promote themselves on the search engine via text ads. Here, nonprofit managers and marketers can learn some of the biggest benefits of these nonprofit grants.

Bidding on Branded Keywords

Branded ads can help nonprofits control the top of the search engine results pages. The ad, organic search results and the organization’s listing on the page’s right side won’t leave much room for competitors to show up when users search for the organization’s name.

Selecting Keywords

In the organic results, Google determines which keywords cause search results to show. With the Google Ad Grants, the nonprofit can decide which keywords fit their objectives and goals.

Choosing Destination Pages

With Google Adwords for nonprofits, the marketing team chooses which pages visitors are directed to when they click an ad. While the search engine may send most users to the homepage, with an ad grant, they can be sent to the site’s highest converting pages.

Bidding on Competitors’ Keywords

Under the organic results, it’s unlikely a nonprofit will appear when users search for similar companies by name. However, with Google Ad Grants, the marketing team can bid on competing branded keywords so the nonprofit’s ads can appear alongside competitors’ listings.

Reaching a Wider Audience

While people may be looking for relevant keywords, they may not be able to find the nonprofit organically depending on Google’s SERP algorithms. With Google Ad Grants help, nonprofits can expand their reach by utilizing broad-based but relevant keywords.

More on Google AdWords Grants

Google Ad Grants are good ways to gather attention and generate interest in a non-profit organization. After a nonprofit learns how to apply for Google Ad Grants, it can reap the benefits of thousands of dollars in free advertising. Aside from boosting fundraising efforts and spreading an organization’s message, these grants offer other essential tools as well. Using this free advertising, a nonprofit can increase site traffic and membership numbers. As long as the organization continues to do good and the site provides great content, the nonprofit will prosper.

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