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Every year, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is #GivingTuesday. A global day dedicated to donations, this helps to amplify fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charity causes. This year, make sure your organization is primed for a successful #GivingTuesday by encouraging widespread participation and donations. Start planning today to spread awareness about your campaign, to start organizing how you’ll encourage more donations, and to bring in more potential donors who may be willing to participate in your cause this year.

Planning is crucial, as it enables you to do more and to meet more potential donors leading up to this big event. Start by talking with others in your organization and brainstorm ways to encourage more donations on #GivingTuesday this year. Some ideas you can use to get started are listed here.

Encourage More #Unselfies

Selfies have become a huge trend in recent years, acting as a means for people to document pretty much everything they do, from the thrilling to the inconsequential. Unselfies, on the other hand, show off when someone is being unselfish and giving. Encourage your donors to post an #unselfie picture on their social media accounts documenting their donation to your cause. This can help inspire their followers to donate, as well.

Start a Text to Donate Campaign

The easier it is for a donor to give your organization money, the more likely it is they’ll give more frequently. Heading up to #GivingTuesday, start accepting texts as a way to donate money. This goes along well with donor pages on websites and social media, plus it makes it much easier for anyone to donate to your cause no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Encourage Spreading the Word

Social media is everywhere, and this can (and should!) be used to your advantage. Start a viral trend of donating to your cause. Encourage donors to send a small amount, such as $5, and to challenge their followers to send the same amount. Followers of theirs who participate can in turn share their donations while encouraging their friends and followers to contribute. When a number of people are specifically called upon to participate in your cause by their peers, it can quickly snowball into more and more people giving to your organization.

Host a Silent Auction

This is a fundraising event that’s been around for a while, but it’s definitely something to consider. Have those in your organization or sponsors donate items that can be auctioned in a silent auction, and have your donors bid on the items they want. This is a fun way to raise more money while encouraging various people to engage with your organization. One of the best parts of a silent auction is that it can be combined with other activities in a truly spectacular fundraising event.

Try a Themed Party

Parties are always lots of fun and have the potential to bring in large amounts of donations. Try hosting a themed party, whether it’s a theme close to your cause or just something fun that encourages your donors to attend, dress up, have fun, and donate money. At the party, you can sell snacks, drinks, and promotional items to teach those attending about your cause and to raise money for your organization.

Host a Fun Walk-a-Thon

Hosting a walk-a-thon, race, or similar event not only gets participants moving, but it also encourages more people to learn about your cause and to donate. If you want to maximize donations for the walk-a-thon, look into creating a virtual one. This means anyone can participate and donate money to your cause, regardless of whether they live locally or halfway around the world.

Use Instagram Stories

Donors want to know why they’re donating to your organization and how the money will be used. Social media websites like Instagram make it easy for you to tell a story with photos or videos. Use these platforms to create a story your donors can follow, getting them more involved with what you’re doing so they’ll be more likely to help you by donating.

Go Live on Facebook for an Event

Facebook Live is an excellent way to showcase your philanthropic efforts and the donations you’re acquiring. People can donate during the Facebook Live event, and you can thank them personally as you receive each contribution. When viewers hear others’ donations be mentioned in the live video, they may be encouraged to donate themselves or to try to donate more than someone else did.

For your organization, #GivingTuesday can be a way to encourage larger donations as well as to bring in new participants who are willing to give to your cause. Use the ideas here to start thinking about how you want to maximize engagement and encourage more donations this year so you can start planning for #GivingTuesday. The right plan can help you reach, and even exceed, your donation goals.

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