What is consumer delight in marketing?

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Learn how important customer satisfaction is, what role it plays in your company’s bottom line, and how your company can achieve it with customers. One last way to engage your customers via social media is to continue publishing relevant information, like you did in the Attract phase. Marketing and services promote the attractiveness that attracts customers to your company. Attracting customers and delighting customers is one and the same in this particular case.

To further its commitment to sustainability, Patagonia promises to repair every product, regardless of when a customer purchased it.

How can you inspire your customers?

From here, you can estimate what needs to be improved or what doesn’t need to be improved to determine your enjoyment index (like a customer satisfaction index). Visit your blog, check out your website’s pricing page, chat with a sales representative, or ask for help using your product). And although the different departments are ‚Äúresponsible for different aspects of interacting with customers, the customer’s joy should really belong to everyone. Customers expect their needs to be met, but they’re thrilled when your team exceeds the customer experience.

Carolyn and I thought we’d stimulate your brain with eight simple ideas on how to instantly delight your customers.



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